A.I.R Plant-Tech's team is managed by experienced professionals, each in his respective field:

Eli Yaakov - CEO, CPO, Chief Project Officer/ VP Engineering

Eli gained his B.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering and has interned in the field of Robotics thereafter at the TECHNION in Haifa.  

Over the years, Eli has engaged in developing substantial projects, gaining extensive experience and expertise in his fields. 

Eyal Reuven - Director of Marketing and Investor Relations/VP Marketing

Eyal is the founder and director of Geneva Platform. As a world-known entrepreneur, Eyal is renowned for his special talent in forging business connections amongst top-notch business partners and key corporate players in the global economy.

Avishai Bar-Gil - CFO, Chief Financial Officer/ VP Finance

Certified Public Accountant with 16 years of experience in financial reporting, controlling, budget management, auditing and compliance. Avishai also has extensive expertise in project and process control, mergers and investments, due diligence, issuance of companies on the stock exchange, mergers, and acquisitions.

Dr. Kobi Buxdorf - Head of Scientific R&D

Dr. K. Buxdorf gained his M.Sc. in plant genetics and breeding (Summa Cum Laude) from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, an M.A. in Business Administration from the College of Management, and a Ph.D. from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Dr. Kobi Buxdorf is an entrepreneur and founder of Cannadorf, TincOil, Bio Milk, and PsyRx, with over 10 years of experience in academic and industrial research and in management in various areas of microbiology, molecular biology, plant sciences, diagnostics, and medical devices. With an extensive background in regulation and business development, Dr. K. Buxdorf is amply qualified to harness the available technology and deliver lucrative agri-products on a commercial scale. 

Razi Ronen PhD - Product Manager/Scientific Advisor

Dr. Razi Ronen has earned his PhD. in Nutrition, and is accredited with 5 Patents in the field of Medicines, Ecology, and Homeland Security. 
In special crops such as Saffron, Dr. Razi Ronen has developed a natural-growth booster for fast germination to enable 3-4 cycles of harvesting every year in controlled conditions.
In the field of Avocado, Dr. Razi Ronen has developed a natural blend of antioxidants to protect avocado puree for extended storage post-harvesting.
Dr. Razi Ronen also specializes in medicinal herbs growing in various regions on our planet and has the know-how to treat and alleviate health issues.

Nir Yafe - CTO, Chief Technology Officer/ IT Manager

For over a decade Nir has engaged in product management, R&D, data analysis, marketing, investment, sales service and customer relations. A highly qualified and experienced CTO, Nir is an expert in aligning business strategy and objectives with the established regulatory policy and operations management paradigms while minimizing company’s risks and maximizing its organizational goals. 

Nir possesses a strong business acuity, providing multi-faceted management and strategic marketing solutions. He enjoys a proven track record also in managing and leading teams through complex projects undertaken by both of the companies he founded as well as by world-leading organisations including ICE and Bank Igud.

Margaret Rubin - Liaison Officer

A University lecturer in English who has taught in various HE institutions as well as at the University of Geneva, Margaret joins the team as a liaison officer and an English-French-Hebrew interpreter in multilateral meetings.