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Cutting-edge Saffron Cultivation utilizing

AI Technology

Saffron, AKA the “Red Gold”, is the spice that is worth its weight in gold. A.I.R Plant-Tech specializes in growing Saffron without human touch, in a controlled, automated environment under laboratory conditions. As a consequence, Its quantity and quality is increased significantly while saving on water, soil, and manpower.


Our goal: "Ensuring a large supply of the highest-quality saffron year-round, harnessing advanced technologies for automatic, remotely managed grow containers"


The Challenges: 

Saffron is a highly sensitive plant with specific growth requirements, expensive and intensive manual labor resulting in a complex yet low-yield process.
Due to all of the above, it is estimated that up to 60% of the market trades fake Saffron. The current traditional methods of growing Saffron simply cannot meet the high demand in many industries, including gourmet restaurants and cosmetics.


The Solution:

A.I.R Plant-Tech enables year-round Saffron production via remote-management in AI-controlled environments resulting in top-quality yield.


A.I.R Plant-Tech have developed cutting-edge technology for controlling Saffron growth via automated methods, under laboratory conditions yielding high-quality and high-quantity Saffron while

lowering costs in comparison with traditional cultivation methods.

  • Dramatic reduction in water consumption, energy, and manpower

  • Easily transported, completely modular, built with ease and speed of installation and operation.

  • Maximized crop yield and quality while using artificial intelligence and cutting-edge technology

  • Computer-controlled environment, completely independent of geographical and climate conditions

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