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Container Greens production:

tripling production over traditional methods 

A major challenge growers and cultivators worldwide are facing is the ever growing need of maximizing production and cultivation cycles while saving valuable space and resources. 


Our Goal: "To provide growers a true cost-effective solution based on AI based smart containers and contributing to the global health trend". 


Cann-tainer - the ultimate smart solution for greens cultivation 


A.I.R Plant-Tech has developed a unique single container for growing greens including sprouting and drying room.

The container based greens cultivation technology is turning it into a cost-effective solution and a worthy alternative to the current solutions.  The container offers 100% organic nutrients and pest control.

The solution is based on a climate-controlled container, incorporating the following specifications:

  • Climate-controlled container at 40f or insulated.

  • 12m x 2.6m

  • Inside, a conveyor belt, 10.5m long by 1.2m wide.

  • 30k plants per container (each plant measures 15 x 15cm)

  • Custom LED lighting for every growth stage

  • Sprinkler column with 4 heads opposite of each pot

  • Fertilizer pumps

  • Sprinkler column - same

  • Ventilation system in the center (blower-operated)

  • Temperature and humidity generator

  • Temperature, humidity, EC, Co2 sensors, cameras and more 

  • Computer - Raspberry Pi 3 Model B including external monitor, laboratory and cellular communication.

  • Incubation shelves for seedlings and clones.

  • Fully isolated microclimate system - regardless of what’s outside

  • Self-developed and customisable control system 


The advanced container is entirely controlled through an app developed for IOS/Android/Windows operating systems and is 100% a customer-oriented solution.

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