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Development of advanced green AI based technologies for multiple Agritech applications.

Our mission statement:

"A.I.R Plant-Tech aims to have the company be a global leader in the development and implementation of advanced green agricultural technologies, delivering effective solutions to true agricultural challenges." 


A.I.R Plant-Tech  engages in the initiation and development of advanced green technologies for the domain of agritech around the world. 
Unique technology that ensures multiple growth cycles is integrated in all projects alongside two branded products with unique benefits and a long shelf life.

A.I.R Plant-Tech's solutions are constructed from an advanced technological envelope designed to simplify the process so that its routine operation is feasible for personnel lacking any prior experience in agriculture, thereby significantly expanding its potential clientele.

The company's technology and its implementation addresses supply shortages in  climate-challenged areas in a cost-effective manner.

Current Projects:
The company consolidates four primary projects.

The future roadmap intends to merge each project into a separate company that will be maintained by a primary holding company:
Producing ancillary products from avocado fruits
Growing Saffron in containers utilizing AI based technology. Read More >>
Growing vegetables in containers integrated with robotic technology. Read More >>
Growing Cannabis in CBD containers

A Solid Business Model

A.I.R Plant-Tech's business model is based on two primary modules:

Service -
Selling innovative and advanced technology in exchange for future royalties from any future sale of the products, thereby significantly presenting a faster ROI.

Direct sale of quality premium organic and healthy products with unique nutritional values in the field of food, cosmetics and medicine.

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